You will spend anything between £300 – £3000 while working with me on any of the below plans.

Location: You can see me at my home in Milton Keynes or over Skype/Zoom online.

Life Reading

Working with me for 1 -3 sessions spread monthly or quarterly.
Fees: £300 – £800

Life Coaching

Life Coaching Working with me over 4-6 months period, where you see me at least once a month.
Fees: £800 – £1500

Life Balance

Working with me over a year, where you see me at once a month or more and have a lifetime access to my email support.
Fees: £1500 – £3000

Book an initial 1 hour consultation to start your journey - £90.

My Specialities include

• Happiness

• Finding fulfilment in life / needs

• Performance/ reaching your peak potential

• Sense of purpose / goal setting

• Self-love / self-acceptance

• Productivity/ reducing procrastination

• Confident decision making

• Clarity / Mindfulness

• Work life balance

• Career

• Motivation

• Energy level replenish

• Personal development

• Interests/ passions

• Stress reduction

• Health and general wellbeing

• Fitness

• Diet

• Bad habits

• Assertiveness

• Self belief

Many people that come to me say, “I don’t even know how to define my problem or what is wrong with me but I am just NOT Happy”. This is where we will come together to brainstorm and define what’s going on with you.

If however you have a specific area you want to address, I can cover the things in the list above. This list is not definitive.